Got accepted to attend ABCD workshop in Portland, OR!

Presenting the Hackathon Project

I’ve spent an amazing week at the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development workshop held in Portland, Oregon!

The workshop focused on reproducible neuroimaing methods, predictive modeling approaches, and clincial menal health outcomes.

During the workshop, I had an opportunity to learn connectotyping, a novel approach to characterize resting-state functional connectivity, from Dr. Oscar Miranda-Dominguez.

Inspired by this concept, I suggested an open hackathon idea and formed a group of 5 to apply connectotyping and partial least squares regression (PLSR) to the ABCD and ABIDE data.

We fit the connectotyping data to PLSR to predict fluid intelligence scores in a data-driven approach. Interestingly, the preliminary result showed that the connectotyping data with the somatosensory cortex performed better than the null data.

As we were not testing any specific hypotheses, the project had not been developed further. However, I still learned so much from this opportunity! Hope I can attend the next one soon :)